Metal Blockchain

Metal Blockchain (METAL), an all smart contract-capable platform, promises to advance blockchain technology, notably in terms of interoperability, scalability, and usability.

Minimum Staking Amount


Expected Annual Reward Rate

10 to 12% : longer stake > higher APR

Total Staked On Our Node

600k+ METAL has currently been delegated to our secure and high-performant Metal Blockchain node. We are staking for the maximum period of 1 year and we’ll do so for many years.

Node Uptime




Metal Staking Guides

Metal Staking is your one-stop education platform featuring hours of content on how to use the Metal Wallet, how to stake and how to become a validator, and more on your own schedule.

Mastering the Metal Wallet

In this series, you’ll learn how to create an account, back up your keys, stake as a validator or delegator, how to transfer cross-chain, and more!

7 Courses

Setting up a Metal Blockchain Node

In this series, you’ll learn how to set up and secure your server, how to install, back up, upgrade and monitor your node,  and how to become a validator on the Metal Blockchain.

10 Courses

Metal Blockchain Staking Guides

In this series, you’ll learn what staking is, how to create an account in the Metal wallet and how to stake as a validator or delegator.

5 Courses

How and where to buy METAL

Coming soon!


4 Courses