Written by Marlon

On September 28, 2022

How to connect to your Metal Blockchain VPS node

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to connect to your VPS node with an SSH (Secure Shell Protocol) client, the info you need to enter, and how to save the settings to easily connect next time.

    Now that you have all the info to access your VPS, it’s time to connect to it.

    To connect, it’s best to use SSH software that can store credentials so you can always easily log in. I personally use Termius on MacOS, but you can use other apps. The configuration will be similar but in this guide, I’ll show how it works with Termius.

    Once Termius is installed and opened, click on the host tab and then on add and select new host as shown below.

    Enter the following info in the fields below:

    Address field: enter the IP address of your VPS.

    Port: 22

    Username: root

    Password: The password you selected.

    In the next chapter, we’ll change the root username and port to secure the server.

    Save the settings and double-click on the host to connect to the VPS.

    You should now see the welcome screen. And you are now ready for the next chapter: Setting up and securing your server