Written by Marlon

On August 26, 2022

How to transfer cross-chain in the Metal Wallet

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to transfer between internal blockchains on the Metal Blockchain and we’ll explain what those internal blockchains are.

Before we proceed with the first Step on how to transfer between internal chains in the Metal Blockchains, we’ll describe the different chains briefly below:

EVM Chain (C Chain)
Built to handle the Ethereum Virtual Machine and for deploying Solidity contracts that can interact with top cryptocurrencies in a trustless environment.
Stake Chain (P Chain)
Built for stakers to validate the Metal network or delegate to other validators to earn staking rewards.
Exchange Chain (X Chain)
Built to handle cross-chain exchanging and transfers between sub-chains.

Step 1: Visit the Metal Wallet website and click on the Access Wallet button to log in to your account. Check the how do I log into my account chapter if you need more guidance.

Step 2: Click on the Cross Chain tab on the left menu to go to the cross-chain page.

Here you can select the source and destination chain.

For example, you bought METAL on an exchange and withdrew to your X address and now you want to stake, so you need to transfer it to the P address. So in the example below the Source Chain would be the X Chain and the Destination Chain the P Chain.

Next, enter the amount you want to transfer and click on the Confirm button to complete the cross-chain transfer.

Congratulations, you have successfully transferred between chains!